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Bamboo Pellet Plant
Bamboo Pellet Plant

The making of bamboo pellets uses bamboo pellet mil

small pellet machine flat die
small pellet machine fl

The small pellet machine manufactured by GEMCO is m


Dec 31, 2014

Make Your Own Pellets for Home Heating

make your own pellets for home heating
BY GEMCO ENERGYIn recent years, making ones own pellets fuel has become a new trend. As what we learnt from the market, a large proportion of farm, sawmill, furniture fact READ MORE

Dec 31, 2014

Ring Die Wood Pellet Mill Ship to Spain

ring die wood pellet mill ship to spain
BY GEMCO ENERGYOn Feb. 24, 2014, we shipped the complete wood pellet mill plant for pine wood to Spain. This wood pelleting plant was ready on Feb. 19, which include ring READ MORE

Dec 31, 2014

Buy High Quality Pellet Machine from China

pellet machine china
BY GEMCO ENERGYChina is one of the countries that have many pellet machine manufacturers. Many companies, factories, small plants or home users buy from China because pell READ MORE

Dec 31, 2014

Palm Fiber Pellet Machine for South East Asia

palm fiber pellet machine
BY GEMCO ENERGYIf you have large quantity of EFB palm fiber, we recommend you to set up a palm fiber pellet plant to make fuel pellets. We have most cost-effective palm fi READ MORE

Dec 10, 2014

Wood Pellet Making In Australia

wood pellet making in australia
BY GEMCO ENERGYNow there have been some plants that use pellet making machine to make wood pellets or other biomass pellets, but there is still great market potential for READ MORE

Nov 19, 2014

Why Do You Need Biomass Pellet Mill Plant

why you need biomass pellet mill plant
BY GEMCO ENERGYBiomass pellet mill plant is a complete production line to produce biomass fuel pellets. There are many biomass pellet plants all over the world, like famou READ MORE

Oct 16, 2014

GEMCO Will Attend 116th China Import

gemco attend 116th china import and export fair
BY GEMCO ENERGYThe 116 th China Import and Export Fair will be held during Oct.15 th ~19 th . GEMCO will attend with its mother company AGICO Group as usual. Specification READ MORE

Sep 02, 2014

Wood Sawdust Pellet Plant Shipped To

wood sawdust pellet plant shipped to vietnam
BY GEMCO ENERGYThe 4ton/h wood sawdust pellet plant was shipped to Vietnam on Aug.18 th . This pellet plant was ordered by a customer from Australia who had partners in Vi READ MORE

Aug 20, 2014

US and Canada Wood Pellets Exports Booms

us and canada wood pellets exports booms
BY GEMCO ENERGYUSA and Canada wood pellets exports have been prosperous since 1980, which promotes wood pellets manufacturing and the price. More people are starting wood READ MORE

Jul 11, 2014

Best Ring Die Pellet Mill from China

best ring die pellet mill from china
BY GEMCO ENERGYRing die pellet mill is used to produce cheap cooking fuel pellets from such wood waste of eucalyptus, pine, birch, poplar, fruit tree, bamboo or crop waste READ MORE

Jun 13, 2014

Composition of Complete Pellet Line for Wood and Other Biomass

composition of complete pellet line
BY GEMCO ENERGYNowadays, many companies in different countries are interested in setting up complete pellet production line for wood and other biomasses. Some are familiar READ MORE

Apr 22, 2014

Why Choose GEMCO Pellet Plant Manufacturer?

GEMCO Pellet Plant Manufacturer
BY GEMCO ENERGYGEMCO is a manufacturing company specializing in the production line of wood pellets (such as wood pellet plant, straw pellet line, etc.) READ MORE
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