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Bamboo Pellet Plant
Bamboo Pellet Plant

The making of bamboo pellets uses bamboo pellet

small pellet machine flat die
small pellet machine fl

The small pellet machine manufactured by GEMCO

large biomass pellet plant >5T/H

If you are already in pellet making industry and want to expand your production scale, or you have sufficient raw material and funds, we advise you to choose this large scale pellet production plant. Years of experience in pellet industry makes us more competitive pric! We will plan all for you and make sure your high investment get higher return.

General Production Process Flow of large biomass pellet plant :
Crusher → conveyor → large dryer(not necessary if the raw material has a fine moisture) → elevator → silo → ring die pellet mills → larger cooler → finished products warehouse → automatic weighting system

Large Biomass Pellet Plant Video

Pellet Mill Parallel Units for Large Biomass Pellet Plant

large biomass pellet plant

Special Instructions:
The mature capacity of every single biomass pellet plant unit is 2TPH. If you want larger capacities, we can design several single units together. The advantage is that, if one set of pellet machine goes wrong, others can still operate normally. This can help realize continuous production while save time cost.
large pellet machine
Large Pellet Mill for 5-6TPH

If you decide to buy this wood pellet equipments from China, the correct way is to parallel up several single units of 2TPH.
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