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Bamboo Pellet Plant
Bamboo Pellet Plant

The making of bamboo pellets uses bamboo pellet

small pellet machine flat die
small pellet machine fl

The small pellet machine manufactured by GEMCO

counterflow cooler

The ambient cooling-air flows vertically through the discharge-mechanism and the layer of pellets. If retention time and cooling air-flow setting are optimal, outlet temperature of the pellets of 2-5℃ above the ambient temperature can be achieved.

The complete cooling system includes cooler, cyclone, air lock, and cooling fan.

The cooling machine is commonly used in complete biomass pellet plant.

cooler for complete biomass pellet plant

Technical Parameters
Model SKLN11×11 SKLN14×14 SKLN16×16 SKLN18×18
Capacity (feed) 1-2t/h 3-5t/h 5-7t/h 10t/h
Main power(kw) 0.55 0.75 1.5 1.5kw
Cooling time 10-15 minutes
Moisture reducing (%) ≥3.5
Volume 1.1m3 2.25m3 4m3 6m3
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