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Bamboo Pellet Plant
Bamboo Pellet Plant

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make your own pellets for home heating

In recent years, making one’s own pellets fuel has become a new trend. As what we learnt from the market, a large proportion of farm, sawmill, furniture factory or even home owners have regular supply of biomass waste like wood chips, tree branches, round logs, saw dust, etc.

make your own pellets fuelWhat are the benefits of making your own pellets fuel?

  • It saves cost. You must know that the price of common fuel sources such as coal, natural gas and gasoline is increasing. And it is always a great sum of money heating the whole winter, let alone the extreme cold winter 2013. So it is urgent to make your own pellets this year.

  • It protects the environment. We all know that burning coal is pollutional to the environment. And if you burn wood directly, the wood is usually incompletely combusted. The result is that, it releases harmful gases like SO2, NO2, NO, CO, etc. if the wood is made into pellets, no harmful gas is released, and the pellets can be completed combusted.

make pellets for stoveHow to make my own pellets fuel for stove?

Prepare raw material. Crush the raw biomass into powder form. Put them into pellet mill. Cool the pellets. Actually, for specific raw material, we have different making processes. (Contact us now to get your FREE customized pellet production plan now!)

When can I make my own pellets fuel?

Most people think it is spring now, and the next winter is far from us. In fact, it is not only winter that you can make pellets, but also now or anytime! You can buy the pellet machine now, and it will take some time to reach you. After that, you collect raw material and prepare fuel pellets for the coming winter. The pellets made out can be sealed in bags. As long as they are away from moisture, they can be stored for a long time.

Are you interested in making your own pellets fuel for stove now? If so, contact us now and tell us your needs!

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