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Bamboo Pellet Plant
Bamboo Pellet Plant

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small biomass pellet plant - your good helper

Small biomass pellet plant has been welcomed by the market ever since its invention. The reason is that, people prefer cheaper, cleaner, greener and more convenient fuel source biomass pellets. So many places are using small biomass pellet plants now to save cost.

What can be used in small biomass pellet plant?

Agro waste, forest waste: wood chips, sawdust, tree branches, bamboo dust, pine, peanut shell, sunflower husk, cotton stalk, wheat straw, corn stalk, corn cob, soybean stalk, etc.

What capacities do small pellet plants have?

There are 2 types of small biomass pellet plants: 200-500kg/h small pellet plant and 250-350kg/h mobile pellet plant. You can choose according to your need.

200-500kg/h small pellet plant 250-350kg/h mobile pellet plant
200-500kg/h small pellet plant  250-350kg/h mobile pellet plant


Where can small biomass pellet plant be used?

  • Central heating system for Residential, School boilers, Hospitals, hotels and Business buildings, etc. These places all need central heating in cold winters. If there is abundant biomass raw material supply, to make biomass pellets for central heating is a wise choice since it can save a great sum of money.
  • biomass pellet boilerThose horse farms where horse bedding is needed. The biomass pellets are good source of animal bedding because of its good absorbance of water and bad smell.
  • The cat litter makers. Traditional cat litters are made from bentonite, silica gel and other materials are not only expensive but also not so efficient. However, biomass especially wood pellets cat litter have good absorbance and can be used for longer time. You can sell it at competitive lower price and there will be more buyers.
The small biomass pellet plant manufactured by GEMCO has been proved to be excellent in making pellets by many of our customers. And there are many units waiting for shipment now. If you also want to make biomass pellets, our small biomass pellet plant will be your good helper.
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