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Bamboo Pellet Plant
Bamboo Pellet Plant

The making of bamboo pellets uses bamboo pellet mil

small pellet machine flat die
small pellet machine fl

The small pellet machine manufactured by GEMCO is m

pellets plant industry information

Jul 11, 2014

Best Ring Die Pellet Mill from China

best ring die pellet mill from china
BY GEMCO ENERGYRing die pellet mill is used to produce cheap cooking fuel pellets from such wood waste of eucalyptus, pine, birch, poplar, fruit tree, bamboo or crop waste READ MORE

Jun 13, 2014

Composition of Complete Pellet Line for Wood and Other Biomass

composition of complete pellet line
BY GEMCO ENERGYNowadays, many companies in different countries are interested in setting up complete pellet production line for wood and other biomasses. Some are familiar READ MORE

Mar 06, 2014

Biomass Pellet Mill Lines In Developing Countries

biomass pellet mill lines in developing countries
BY GEMCO ENERGYIn developing countries, biomass pellet mill lines are being built to produce pellets both for domestic market and export. The developing world has great po READ MORE

Feb 13, 2014

Mobile Pelletizing Plant is So Popular Now!

mobile pelletizing plant is so popular
BY GEMCO ENERGYMobile pelletizing plant has been popular among people who make wood pellets or biomass pellets for their own use. The mobile pelletizing plant can be used READ MORE

Feb 13, 2014

Complete Wood Pellet Line Established in UK

complete wood pellet line established in UK
BY GEMCO ENERGYLast year, our company helped a customer in UK built a complete wood pellet line. The user has a mixture raw material of sawdust and grass. This customer pr READ MORE

Feb 13, 2014

Russian Wood Pellets Production Line Blossoms

russian wood pellets production line blossoms
BY GEMCO ENERGYRussia is a main consumer of wood pellets in the world. It has built over 100 wood pellets production lines. However, more are needed to supply domestic mar READ MORE

Feb 13, 2014

The Cold Winter in North America Promotes Wood Pellets Making

wood pellet making plant for cold winter
BY GEMCO ENERGYThe unusual cold winter in North America has made the electric and gas furnaces unworkable. As a result, many wood pellet making plants are set up to supply READ MORE

Feb 13, 2014

Wood Pelleting Plants Bring Profit to Forest Landowners

wood pelleting plants bring profit to forest landowners
BY GEMCO ENERGYWood pellets or biomass pellets have been a relatively new coming fuel source that can bring profit to forest landowners.Wood pelleting plants have been bui READ MORE

Jan 03, 2014

Wood Pellet Production Plant in South Africa

wood pellet production plant in south africa
BY GEMCO ENERGYWood pellet production plant started to run in South Africa almost 10 years ago, but it still hasn’t formed the scale of mass application of wood pellets. READ MORE

Dec 20, 2013

South Korea and Japan Will Import Large Amount of Pellets in The Following Decade

south korea and japan will increase import of pellets
BY GEMCO ENERGYSouth Korea and Japan will reduce the utilization of fossil fuels and turn to wood pellets. They will increase their import of biomass pellets in the follow READ MORE
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