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2-5T/H middle wood pell

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As an emerging industry, biomass pellets production can bring you the following 2 benefits:

  • Social benefits:environmental friendly biomass pellets
  • Biomass pellets can be good to the environment. First of all, making biomass materials like sawdust, wood chips, pine, corncob, stalk, straw, and grass, etc into pellets can take full advantage of these waste raw materials, so as to avoid open burning or throw away as rubbish. Secondly, biomass pellets only release the amount of carbon that they absorbed in their growth. As long as the biomass is grown sustainably, it is certainly a kind of renewable energy source. What’s more, biomass pellets scarcely release other air pollutants as sulfur oxide. Thirdly, after combusted, biomass pellets only leaves some amount of ash which contains carbon, nitrogen and oxygen. This kind of ash is a good source of fertilizer for the cropland. So here we can definitely come to a conclusion that biomass pellet is a kind of 100% environmental friendly energy source.
pellet price from Dec.2012 to Oct.2013 in Germany
  • Economical benefits:
  • Biomass pellets production is also economical. With the prices of fossil fuels increasing and the amount decreasing day by day, more people and organizations are turning to use biomass pellets instead. Take Germany for example, its pellet price has raised from €258.47 per tonne in Dec 2012 to €276.93 Sep 2013, which is an €18.46 increase in only 10 months! Statistics show that in 2012, heating from pellets costs 48% less than heating from oil. So it is without doubt that the demand for biomass pellets is on the rise. Now there are 2 main pellets exporting countries in the world: USA and Canada; while at the same time UK, Netherlands and Belgium being the main pellets importers. In Thailand, Malaysia, South Africa, and many other countries, more pellet production plants are set up. Almost all farseeing investors have seen the great opportunity of biomass pellets production. Learn more about how to start your own biomass pellet production plant.

Every day, we can read news about biomass pellet production and pellets market in newspapers or on the internet. All these show the great importance of biomass pellets to the world. So we believe producing biomass pellets will bring great benefits to you and the society.

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