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What is Biomass Pellets

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Biomass pellets are a kind of fuel made from plants that contain lignin, such as wood, sawdust, tree branches, bamboo, sunflower husk, palm fiber, and so on. In recent years, demand for biomass pellets has been increasing in 2 areas: one is for fuel and the other is for power plants.

biomass pellets used for home heatingOn one hand, as a replacement of decreasing fossil fuel, carbon-beneficial biomass pellets, especially wood pellets have a great market demand.

What causes this skyrocketing demand? Europeans understand that biomass produces less carbon and pollutants than fossil fuels such as coal. As a result, many homes, farms, schools and so on are using biomass pellets to get heat or to cook. Consequently, the price of biomass pellets is increasing. More wise entrepreneurs are starting their own pellet production business to make profit. Therefore, the emergence of this kind of renewable energy is both good for the environment and good for the economy.

biomass pellets used in power plantsOn the other hand, as a kind of energy source for power generation, biomass pellets plays an important role in carbon savings, which provides long term benefits to the environment.

Report by U.S. Industrial Pellet Association shows that using solid biomass to produce electricity makes an immediate or very rapid contribution to the mitigation of climate change. Industrial wood pellets from the United States are an essential component of Europe’s power mix and provide an abundant, sustainable and carbon beneficial energy source that keeps the lights on in millions of homes and businesses.

From the above mentioned two usages of biomass pellets, we can come to a conclusion that biomass pellet production is a thriving industry. Therefore, it is never too late to starting your biomass pellets making business.

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