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Bamboo Pellet Plant
Bamboo Pellet Plant

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small pellet machine flat die
small pellet machine fl

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small portable mobile pellet plant for sale

Portable pellet plant is also called mobile pellet plant or movable pellet plant. It is used to make biomass such as sawdust, wood chips, straw, stalk, etc into fuel pellets. Generally the key part of portable pellet plant is flat die pellet mill instead of ring die pellet mill. So its capacity is usually small and most suitable for small scale production.

Why this pelletizing plant is called portable? The reason is that it can be moved to anywhere you want as long as there is enough space for placing it. It has a combination of hammer mill, flat die pellet mill machine, conveyor and other auxiliary parts (if not necessary, can be taken out). The most convenient one portable pellet plant is our MPL300 model, since it integrates all on one base, and the scale is also compact, which makes it much easier to move.

small wood pellet plant portable pellet plant

The capacity of small portable mobile pellet plant is 200-500kg/h. It can also be used to make feed, so it is quite popular among farm owners, ranch owners and many other users.

There are 4 types of flat die pellet mill used in portable pellet plant: electric motor driven, diesel engine driven, PTO (power taken off) type and gasoline engine driven. But the most widely used is electric type since it is the most convenient one. In remote areas where electricity does not have easy access, diesel type and PTO type (which is connected to a tractor or truck) also work well.

Over years of test and development, our portable pellet plants have been exported to almost everywhere in the world and have won great reputation. We also have more than 100 regular customers in different countries and areas. We always believe facts speak louder than words. If you choose us, we promise you the best service.

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