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Looking for a wood pellet machine online but do not know where to buy? Don’t worry, we, the professional pellet machine manufacturer—GEMCO Energy, would like to teach you on where to buy a wood pellet machine!

You may have found countless wood pellet machine manufacturers and suppliers online, but you cannot decide which one is reliable, which one is most economical.

Now there are wood pellet machine manufacturers in many countries, such as UK, Canada, USA, Germany, Switzerland, India, and also China. It is of course most convenient to buy locally or domestically, but sometimes the wood pellet machine is either too expensive, or in low quality.

Let’s compare the wood pellet machines from different countries:

  • UK, Canada, USA, Germany, Switzerland, and other European countries: we all know that the machines from these countries symbolize high quality; but at the same time, their price is also sky-high, which is especially unacceptable to buyers who have limited budget.
  • India: India is a productive country with many pellet machine manufacturers. You may find some Indian suppliers sell wood pellet machine at low price, but in fact, not all the machines are as good as those from western countries. We must admit that there are excellent wood pellet machines from India, but there are still some with immature technology. So when you buy wood pellet machine from India, you’d better keep an eye on the quality and technology.
  • China: China is also a productive country. Even a family with a dozen of persons and some funds can establish a small workshop to produce machines. However, the wood pellet machines from such kind of workshops will undoubtedly have poor quality but low price. That’s why some China pellet machines are extremely cheap.

At the same time, there are professional manufacturing factories for wood pellet machines. Famous ones include Yulong, GEMCO, etc.

Yulong is a wood pellet machine manufacturer with many years of experience. It also has agents or offices in Malaysia, Vietnam, etc. So the Southeast Asian pellet plant runners may be familiar with this manufacturer. But their wood pellet machines also sell at high price.

GEMCO is another experienced wood pellet machine manufacturer in China. It is known to people in many countries. It has distributors in Russia, USA, Ethiupia, and also many agents in UK and other countries. Its pellet machine quality can stand the test of time, therefore many buyers would like to purchase from GEMCO even though its wood pellet machine for sale is not the cheapest.

Of course there are many other pellet machine suppliers from China, but they are either inexperienced or trading company. Even though you can buy cheap pellet machine from them, they cannot guarantee you good after sales service! If your machine goes wrong, or you need to buy spare parts, it is hard to get help from these suppliers.

Now you may be clear with the features of wood pellet machines from different countries and different manufacturers, have you decided where to buy? If you have any questions, just feel free to contact us!     

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