Do you want to know how much to invest in your biomass pellet production plant? Here we can give an approximate budget analysis for your reference.
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Raw material price
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  • Including the transportation cost to your site
  • Refers to the raw material that is ready in your site
  • The power of all necessary equipments in a biomass pellet project
  • A typical complete biomass pellet line includes wood chipper, hammer mill, dryer, pellet mill, cooler and packing machine. One person is required for each station and you will need two more people for feeding in and out.

  • Note :
    One person can operate more than 1 pellet mill.

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How do we calculate the cost?
This is an estimated cost. As a matter of fact, the cost calculating process is more complex. The result varies according to different situations. If you want to get a much more precise result, please subscribe your email address. Our professional engineers will send you a detailed report within one day. It’s totally free!